The Nest’s flagship building is located in the center of Warsaw, at the junction of Koszykowa and Piękna streets. It’s 8 stories house with a number of multifunctional spaces and facilities enveloped in unobtrusive, aesthetic design.

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Children’s floor


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The Nest is a place with every type and style of work in mind. The common space is filled with everything that is necessary for success-producing work – from snug sofas to take five on, to office appliances and supplies to keep you on top of things. The floors above are where you’ll find offices designed to accommodate individual creativity as well as teamwork resourcefulness and push both workstyles towards inventive solutions.

Meeting space

It’s where ideas fly about and new relationships and contacts are coined. These flexible and well-equipped meeting rooms in the very center of Warsaw guarantee efficiency and convenience during even the most demanding of business talks.

And afterwards, you can head for the Nest coffeehouse to enjoy a little well-deserved breathing space, treating yourself to our favorite products from carefully selected suppliers.

Children’s floor

To say that the Nest is a child-friendly community would be a monumental understatement. We have a special floor just for them and their parents, where fun games, creative activities, and professional care await.


Equipped with all the indispensable tools to make your transition from one task to another seamless, the Nest is a place that fosters concentration and productivity. In the packshot room you will prepare packshots and profile pictures. For interviews, podcasts, and all kinds of audio recordings of the best quality, you may want to visit our multi-purpose podcast room. Finally, project room located at -1 level offers a versatile space to design and deliver a range of workshops and events limited in scope only by your imagination.

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